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A Fast-Paced and Thrilling Way to Trade the Markets

Offer Bundles of pre-defined assets, created either by your organization or by our team of professionals, and give your clients a new way to engage with the markets. The experience of fast-paced trading will get the blood rushing to their heads and get them hooked on the thrill.

  • Fun and Fast with Quick Results
  • Includes Assets of Your Choosing
  • Perfect as a Secondary Platform

Turn New Customers into Seasoned Traders

Bundle Trading is an Excellent Way to Interact with Potential Customers

To trade Bundles, your client selects a Bundle, which is comprised of a group of assets. These are collated by theme, sector or view. They open a position straight away, without the need to conduct research. The trader decides to BUY or SELL the Bundle depending on whether they think the price will rise or fall by expiry. Bundles trading is a great way to turn newbie traders who aren’t sure if trading is for them into fanatics.

Bundles Helps You to Restore the Rush of Trading

Live and Breathe the Thrill of Trading via a Fast-paced Platform

Since every Bundle is composed of multiple assets of the same or different categories, prices can go up and down in a matter of seconds. Combine that with the unique Bundle design that shows you how well each Bundle did over the last few seconds, minutes, hours, or days – and you get a compelling and exciting trading experience, where everything can change in a moment.

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