CRM – TradingCores

Your Time is Important, Spend it Wisely

The PROFTIT CRM is designed to save as much time as humanly possible. Enjoy a smooth CRM system developed with special attention to every detail, big or small, in order to shorten processes for you and your agents.

  • Multi-brand Operation
  • Achievement Center
  • In-house Support Team
  • Live Trading Data
    • Multi-brand Operation
      A single CRM can support an endless amount of brands and trading platforms
    • Modular System
      Customize parameters, information and data according to your needs
    • Advanced Permissions
      Choose between a wide range of permission customizations to keep your data safe
    • Fast Assignments
      Assign leads to agents by the dozens, or use the assignment automation
    • Payment Clearing Management
      Manage cascading, priorities, geographics and more, all from a single CRM
    • Smart Notifications
      Decide what events you want to be notified about, and how you want each notification to be delivered
    • Marketing Integrations
      Seamless integration with any external marketers and traffic sources
    • Campaign Analysis
      Reports and drill-downs for your marketing campaigns. See overall deposits, conversion rates, unique visits, and much more
    • Individual Marketing Info
      View marketing information by-lead to understand exactly what your customers are interested in
    • Advanced Emails
      A unique mailing system available in multiple languages, including a wide array of tools for better communication
    • Customize Your Sign-ups
      Decide how your sign-up forms will look like directly from your CRM
    • Campaign Tracking
      Track internal and external campaign metrics by using API parameters, pixel tracking, post-back tracking, and more
    • Customer Insights
      Easy access to various individual customer data, updated automatically. View local news, time, weather, customer reputation, and more
    • Automations
      Easy automations for online-agent assignments, bonuses, fees, demo accounts, and more. All designed to free up more sales time for your agents
    • Achievement Center
      Incentivize your agents with a visually-appealing competitive system, offer rewards, show live leaderboards, deposit animations by-agent, and much more
    • KYC
      Easily manage and approve client documents for smooth deposit confirmations and regulatory requirements
    • Trading Summary
      Easily view the customer’s behavior, most traded assets, open and pending positions, margin level, and more
    • Customizable Dashboard
      Customize the way you view leads using various tools, filters, and parameters, allowing you to focus on a specific type of clientele
    • Exceptional BI Reports
      Business Intelligence reports integrated with the powerful Kibana elastic search software
    • Visualizations of All Kinds
      Create reports using bar charts, tile maps, data tables and much more, all available as slick visualizations to better understand your data
    • Vast Amounts of Parameters
      A wide range of parameters and statistics to keep track and organize valuable company information
    • Tailored Reports
      In addition to the many useful reports you are initially given, you can create additional statistics and reports according to your own unique needs
    • Export and Transfer Data with Ease
      Your data doesn’t have to stay on the CRM, export and move your data to different platforms with just a few clicks
    • Secure Your Data
      Expose only specific users to your company data and reports using PROFTIT’s customizable permission groups

Available Integrations