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Integrate With The Most Popular Trading Platform in The World

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most well-regarded trading platforms out there, and that is why it comes with an appropriate price tag. With Trading Cores, you can connect with MT4 and MT5 for a significantly reduced cost

  • Most Popular Platform in the World
  • Full Integration with Reduced Price
  • No Maintenance or Upkeep Needed

The Most Recognized Platform in the Industry

For Brokers with an Experienced Client Base

MetaTrader is perfect for brokers aiming towards the more experienced traders, as the MetaTrader brand is known throughout the entire industry. Favored by brokers and traders alike, it offers advanced trading tools designed for users who trade on a professional basis, and requires at least some trading knowledge in order to operate. Trading Cores offers easy and complete integration to MetaTrader.

Why Pay for a Server When You Can Connect to an Existing One?

Trading Cores Offers Seamless MT4 & MT5 Integration for a Fraction of the Cost

To set up your own MetaTrader server, you will need to pay the full price tag and the complete onboarding process. When integrating thorough Trading Cores’ already-existing MT server however, you pay a fraction of the price and save a lot of time and money. In addition, Trading Cores will take care of all maintenance and upkeep needs, all you need to focus on is your clients.

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