Simplified CFD – TradingCores

Easy, Simple, and Suitable for All Traders

The Trading Cores Simplified CFD platform is a professional trading platform with a wide range of assets and market analysis tools suitable for traders of all levels, highly attractive and engaging for traders new to the world of CFDs.

  • Unlimited Trading Groups
  • Suitable for Traders of All Levels
  • Negative Balance Protection

Make your customers happy with a platform they can easily understand

Turn Cold Leads into Traders

The strength of the Simplified CFD platform originates from its simplicity, combined with its professional look and the functionality of its tools. The Simplified CFD platform can be used with almost no prior knowledge in trading, and is great for customers to experiment with and open various diverse real-world positions with it. The platform offers negative balance protection, to avoid traders from going into a quick loss that usually results in the newbie trader quitting before he has really begun.

A Professional, Reliable Trading Platform

Enjoy a stable trading platform with minimal downtime, suitable for professional traders too.

Other than being an excellent platform for beginners just starting out, the Simplified CFD platform is also used for everyday trading by professional traders too. The stability of the platform, in combination with its powerful trading tools, turns is what makes this platform suitable for pros. As a broker, you enjoy a real-time risk manager – which allows you to move spreads and leverages around, rewarding your best traders, or even your newest ones.

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