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Use Cases

The Trading Cores ecosystem has solutions relevant to almost anyone, whether you’re taking your first steps as an online broker, or if you’re a seasoned professional with multiple brands already up and running.

Building a Brokerage: Starting from Zero

A certain brokerage working with different technology providers reached out to us with interest in opening another branch with a different whitelabel technology solution. In order to open a new branch, they needed a management system, relevant trading platforms, traffic, and other services to get everything going.

As preparation for the future, the brokerage required a solution that will support multiple brands while keeping all of their data and management capabilities in one single place.

In addition to that, security was a major concern for the client as they’ve experienced a data breach in the past. Without ample considerations towards security, the brokerage will not move any data to the new system.

Key Concerns

  • Effective business management
  • Connecting with quality service-providers
  • Data security and privacy
  • Ability to control multiple brands from a single system

How Trading Cores Helped

Trading Cores offers ready-to-go turn-key solutions for various trading requirements. All they needed to do is to choose the relevant trading platform for them, or even choose a few of them. Once chosen, the platforms were implemented to their site within a matter of minutes.

In addition, the PROFTIT CRM allows full control over employees, leads, transactions, communications and much more. This gave them the ability to manage their entire operation from the CRM, rather than having multiple systems.

Thanks to the fact that the PROFTIT CRM is a multi-brand solution, the brokerage was able to create a limitless amount of brands, all while keeping their data and management capabilities in a single platform.

For security, the system offers dozens of customizable permissions for every user group, so agents will not be exposed to sensitive or irrelevant information. The system also includes advanced security capabilities such as Gsuite integration, 2FA, reCaptcha, login security pop-ups, and many other important features.


  • The Margin Trader Pro and Bundles platform were integrated to the site with no effort, allowing customers to start using them immediately.
  • Keeping track of company data became easy and effective, thanks to a CRM system that supports data gathering and management across an unlimited amount of brands from a single location.
  • The broker was connected with third-party services such as VOIP, PSPs, traffic, and emails that directly integrated with their new CRM system.
  • A security system that complies with the highest standards of data-protection has made the client feel safe, they happily uploaded all of the relevant data into the CRM with no second thoughts.
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Moving Up: Start Working with MetaTrader

One of our customers has decided he’d like to address more high-end traders who handle very professional positions on a daily basis. To do so, he wanted to start working with the MT4 platform and start using it directly from the CRM.

However, the price tag to open his own MetaTrader service was quite expensive, and served as a real deterrent in his decision of whether or not to make the leap.

Key Concerns

  • Integrating MetaTrader into the brokerage services
  • Avoiding a high price-tag for a MetaTrader server
  • Moving new customers to MT4 with ease

How Trading Cores Helped

According to the broker’s needs, we offered him 2 ways of achieving his goals:

1. To integrate with Trading Cores’ MT4 whitelabel server, thus operating nearly the same as if he has bought his own server. By choosing this option, the broker saves significant costs and received a whitelabel product branded to his needs.

2. To purchase his own MetaTrader server, and enjoy an easy integration to the Trading Cores ecosystem and the PROFTIT CRM using a plugin we will install for him. This way, even though he has his own MetaTrader server, he will still be able to manage everything through the CRM and vice versa.

In the end, the broker has chosen to reduce cost by using the Trading Cores MT4 whitelable server, allowing him to fully operate with a MetaTrader platform with ease, and enjoy a full CRM integration.


  • The broker is now connected to MT4, allowing his customer to trade using the full capabilities of the system, while it is branded according to the broker’s needs.
  • By using Trading Cores already-existing MT4 server, and not purchasing a brand new one, the broker cut costs by a significant amount and is still enjoying all of MetaTrader’s features.
  • The CRM system is fully compatible with MT4, even if used with a private MT server. This made the transition easy and smooth to customers and employees alike.
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Get an Advantage: Diversify Your Service with Bundles

A broker facing tough competition has looked for ideas to make his company have an advantage over his competitors. Other than cutting costs and offering various deals, he wanted to be perceived as a broker offering technological advantages.

In addition, he wanted to find a way to onboard new traders more effectively, especially those who find trading to be a complicated and scary subject.

The problem was, that the broker did not have the resources to develop his platforms further, nor could he have developed new technologies to help onboard new potential customers.

Key Concerns

  • Offering something extra to the client-base
  • Being perceived as a technology-oriented broker
  • Onboarding new potential traders more effectively
  • Cost-effective and rapid solution

How Trading Cores Helped

Trading Cores offers one of the newest additions in the world of trading, a new Bundles platform developed exclusively by us, that is taking over the market by storm thanks to its ease of usage and friendly experience it offers.

By installing the Bundles platform, the broker now had an additional unique platform to offer his clients, one that is easy to use and is not on wide-spread usage just yet. Bundles can be based on any system, even MT4 and MT5.

By dealing with Bundles, the world of trading is much more accessible and easy for new traders that just need to select a bundle related to an asset category they’re familiar with.

By being a turn-key solution, implementing the Bundles platform to the broker’s site was a rapid process with relatively low costs. The broker is now perceived as a preferred broker by new customers and as one with many technological advancements to offer.


  • An extra, unique platform has been integrated into the broker’s services, making him offer an additional service that most other brokers were not able to provide.
  • By owning a completely new kind of technology, traders started seeing the broker as more oriented towards technological-advancements, which became a large tipping point in sales conversations.
  • New traders, reluctant to start trading on their own, had a much easier time getting into the world of trading by starting out with pre-defined bundles of assets, selected by experts.
  • Being a turn-key solution, the platform has been implemented within a short amount of time and with little cost to the broker.
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Better Management: Integrate the PROFTIT CRM to Your Existing Platform

A potential client has contacted us with the intention of upgrading her company’s level of organization. She wanted a solution that will keep all of her data in one place, and that will enable her to handle remote employees directly from that system.

However, she already had an existing trading platform her clientele was accustomed to, and she did not want to change it, nor to give her clients a feeling that any change took place.

Key Concerns

  • Managing all data from one CRM system
  • Manage remote employees with ease
  • Integrate with the new CRM while keeping the existing external trading platforms

How Trading Cores Helped

To answer most organizational needs, we’ve transferred the broker to the PROFTIT CRM, which keeps all of the data in a single place, whether it’s internal data such as employees, leads and payments, or external data coming from third-party integrations.

By using the PROFTIT CRM, she was able to manage the workload and work-policies of her remote employees, in addition to keeping track of their work and overall results.

With the CRM’s open-source API, her existing trading platforms have been connected to the CRM with ease, allowing full control over the data transfer, making the fact that the CRM and trading platforms were separate systems to be unnoticeable.
Overall, the broker’s performance increased significantly while on the customer’s side, it felt as if nothing had changed.


  • The client has transferred to the PROFTIT CRM, which allowed centralized control of all data and third-party services, making the broker’s management process much more effective.
  • Using the new CRM, controlling remote agents and following their performance became a simple process managed using a single platform.
  • Using the PROFTIT CRM’s open-source API, integration with the broker’s external trading platforms has been made easily, while enabling data to flow directly into the CRM with no issues.
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