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Trading Cores and PROFTIT are the superhero team of white-label brokerage solutions. Offering everything you need to run the perfect broker.

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Amazing platforms

TradingCores provides the most exciting, progressive selection of trading platforms.

  • From CFD trading for newcomers, on the advanced Webtrader

  • Through to the ground breaking new Bundle trading platform, which allows traders to speculate on the latest trends- with built in leverage and returns of up to 300%

  • Plus, for those who want to trade with the popular MetaTrader 4 - we bring you seamless and fast integration, so you can offer it to your clients straight away

Providing an amazing selection of trading platforms is not enough.
We are powering up our offering with the very best CRM solution in the marketplace.
This is PROFTIT.

  • Sales Motivation

  • Lead Splitting

  • Full API

  • Marketing

  • Reporting

  • Multi Brand

  • Cashier

Manage and control

The most powerful CRM in the industry PROFITIT allows you to automate your brokerage from the ground up. Take full control and manage your business with multiple brands, an achievement centre and BI all from one panel.
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