No Sports Events Running?


This virus outbreak comes with many challenges, but for sports fans and bettors it is particularly frustrating.
With no events on, how can you fulfill your users?

Here’s how:

People who bet on sports events can be redirected to Financial Betting. Financial Betting is exciting, engaging and volatile. This is an easy cross sell throughout the year, but now it’s even easier. Let us help you capitalize on the break from sporting events.

Did you know:

of people who sports bet will try financial betting

of those who try betting on financial bundles will keep playing

  • Bundles are a basket of assets grouped together by theme eg. England VS Spain or Germany VS France
  • Your user needs to decide on England VS Spain Bundle, England going to win? Or if Brexit results are positive?
  • If you think TEAM A (of assets) going to win - BET on that bundle.
  • Integrated

  • Stand Alone

Let’s have a quick chat and see if this might be right for you

It’s that simple!

This type of betting is regulated to protect your users, but Bundles is far more exciting due to the fact that traders can use leverage. This multiplies their bet value many times over, meaning they can bring an incredible return of up to 350%.
On the other hand they can end up bringing 0%. What is certain is that Financial Betting offers instant gratification and is easier to grasp than regular trading too.

We will supply you with all the tools you need to manage, optimize and offer this product to your users.