The Trading Cores CFD platform is designed to be the most user-friendly trading platform ever. From beginners to professionals, the platform is easy to navigate and even easier to use,
plus the range of built-in tools gives traders the ability to make better trading decisions, faster!
The web platform can be accessed from any browser and the native App gives traders the option to trade anywhere, any time from an Android or iOS powered device.

  • 200+ Assets

    Access 200+ tradeable
    assets including
  • Web & Mobile

    From desktop to
    mobile, traders can capitalize
    anywhere, anytime
  • UX Optimized

    Every element is designed
    to give traders the ultimate
    trading experience
  • Easy Client

    Comprehensive backend
    that makes managing clients
    easier than ever


  • The demand for retail investment products has grown in recent years, however the complexity of existing offerings and platforms has put trading out of reach for many investors.
  • Trading Cores is bringing a fresh and innovative approach with our trading platform to make trading simpler, better and more enjoyable for everyone. Traders also have access to a range of tools to assist them with their trading activities, including granular risk management tools like stop loss and take profit that can be configured not only by value, but by volume or rate.
  • As a broker you should be focusing on acquiring and retaining clients and less on endless platform support queries. Our CFD platform, powered by our proprietary engine, gives users access to hundreds of trading assets.
  • When it comes to managing your users, our back-office tools provide you with everything you need in order to give your clients a VIP experience.
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